Let’s earn together with our community of igniters

Making Smart ATMs being available to the local communities across the world providing easy access to financial and social services
Are you an IGNITER?

“Become an IGNITER” referral program by GlobalCloudPayments is pretty much like any other referral program, though not entirely. We believe in igniting the fintech evolution across the globe and deeply rooting for an unbanked and banked population. Our mission is to help millions of people to have direct access to wide range of financial and social services closer to their communities, cutting out expensive and inconvenient alternatives. If you’d like to share that cause with us and make actual profit-based commission on each Smart ATM being commissioned then this referral program might be a good one for you.

Who can join the community of IGNITERS

Anyone can join the community; shall it be a business entity or an individual person eligible to work in his or her country of residence. GlobalCloudPayments welcomes anyone who shares our values and committed to achieve social and commercial result.


An IGNITER will be engaged in promoting importance of availability of wide-range financial & social services, while selling Smart ATM’s and complimentary solutions of GlobalCloudPayments within initially agreed territory. In a likely event of commissioning Smart ATM and complimentary services projects IGNITERS will receive profit share which will be calculated based on specific project scope.

What experience is required to become an IGNITER?

Empathy, Enthusiasm, and Execution will describe the best an imaginary portrait of our IGNITER community. Out of the box thinkers, who know how to achieve sales result will be a great fit. Though any other profile who is committed to commercial success are welcome too. To support IGNITERS on their journey we will share commercial materials, provide training and be there for you with initial help so you can get familiar with products and target customers before putting your IGNITER ambition in action.

Sign up for the registration list to “Become an IGNITER”. We are finalizing the last bits and pieces of the referral program, commission schemes and a calculator so you know in advance what commission you can count on depending on the scope of each project. To be one of the first ones in the que sign up for pre-registration list to receive more details in the welcome email that is about to be dispatched soon.

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