Author: Salma Falah

Sustainable solutions for a green Smart ATM

The FinTech industry has always been a pillar in human growth by enabling companies and communities better utilize and sustain their financial operations. Efficient use of these investments improves the quality of life and businesses’ quality order. However, in the past few years, financial institutions ignored the ecosystem, which resulted in a degradation of the environment leading to climate change, pollution, and natural resource depletion.

FinTech plays a major role in maintaining the sustainability of resources, yet very little effort was incorporated to solve environmental issues. Until recently, few FinTech companies started acknowledging the necessity of green investment which led to an advancement in sustainable growth. Partially because it reflects on the brand’s image and for the profit generated from adapting the business model to a more sustainable, green one. According to a recent global study by the MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR) and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the number of companies reporting a profit following their sustainability efforts rose from 23% to 37% in one year only.

Accordingly, many FinTech’s have been adapting their business model in a way that benefits the environment all while increasing their profit, efficiency, and customer loyalty. An example of such companies would be GlobalCloudPayments, a FinTech company that is working towards accelerating the growth of the retail sector. By making Smart ATMs backed by Cloud and NextGen technologies to ensure prosperity-driven sustainable growth and the inclusiveness of financial services. Most importantly by considering the entire ecosystem and working towards achieving a greener environment with a small humanity footprint supported by FinTech. How can a FinTech company like GlobalCloudPayments contribute to the environmental cause?


Mobile App access

By offering their customers a mobile App (IZIIPAY) integration that enables them to set up cash withdrawals using their smartphones then scan a QR code at the ATM or enter a one-time password to complete the transaction. This e-wallet integration feature provided by Smart ATMs is a great step towards eradicating plastic credit or debit cards and moving towards card-less transactions.  According to a study banks globally issue 6 billion plastic credit cards per year, which end up in landfills due to the material it is made of. Furthermore, instead of developing an entirely new mobile app that requires new energy and can significantly impact the environment, why not use a white-label mobile app. This environmentally friendly solution enables businesses to have their own app with minimum impact and the lowest costs.


Are you interested in knowing more about white-label apps, B2B, B2C, or card programs, and loyalty? Reach out to Kate Detkin IZZIPAY’s Product Lead and request your free demo.



E- receipts

The United States alone consumes 3.3 million trees and thirty-four billion liters of water while emitting 2 million kilos of CO2 in the process of paper receipt production. That is why many retailers, banks, and ATM deployers are becoming more environmentally conscientious and looking to use printer-less ATM machines that offer E-receipts options.

Cash recycling and lower Cash in Transit

Despite the use of digital currencies, cash transactions are still dominant in the retail sector especially, which means large volumes of cash needs to be transported on daily basis. However, transporting cash poses huge security and environmental threat.

Along with cash management software, cash recycling can help leading global, regional, or local retail chains, process and collect large volumes daily. Smart recycling ATM reduces the amount of Cash in Transit visits by storing and dispensing securely cash needed for daily usage while reporting a detailed history of transactions to their banks. By implementing cash recyclers, you can benefit from immediate operational efficiency, improve your consumer service while keeping cash management costs at a minimum. Fewer CIT visits also mean fewer kilometer visits of a heavily armored truck which means less CO2 emissions. Customers get their cash from the closest Supermarket without the need to use any type of service that has a physical environmental impact.


2020 has witnessed an increase in the use of ATMs which made it necessary to reach certain marginalized communities for multiple reasons, some of which are: To have a presence in untapped rural markets and provide financial services to marginalized communities. Using environmentally-friendly Smart ATMs will also provide customers with a reliable option in case of any electricity shortage while lowering their operational costs and carbon footprint.


Because of the threat global warming poses on our environment, GlobalCloudPayments along few other FinTech’s are shifting towards green finance and the reduction of negative externalities, all in the hope of introducing financial products targeted to environmental care. This tendency to go green has contributed to the global surge of green bonds in Europe, which is expected to grow from around the current level of EUR 662/672 billion to EUR 1 trillion by the end of 2021 and EUR 2 trillion by the end of 2023, according to (NN IP).

According to Investopedia green bonds are a type of fundraising dedicated to environmental and climate projects. It is usually linked to a company’s assets and aims at reducing the effect of climate change and cultivating environmentally friendly innovations. Green bonds are accompanied by a tax exemption and tax credits to encourage companies to work on projects that benefit the environment.

How can FinTech close the loop in financial inclusion

Did you know that globally, 1.7 billion adults are unbanked and excluded from formal financial services? How do you think consumers feel when they are forced to move with the technological development of e-payments while they prefer alternative payment methods?

It is essential now to prioritize financial inclusion for unserved populations. Being it a considerable part of development that improves the populations’ standard of living, narrows the income gap, and ultimately helps eradicate poverty.

Financial inclusion in this context refers to delivering financial products and services to all segments regardless of their economic status. Despite the availability of banking solutions that don’t seem to appeal as an alternative to existing informal ones.

In this regard, FinTech integration can help a great deal in closing the gap in financial inclusion.

FinTech integration and digital solutions can significantly impact the following 6 values to close the loop in financial inclusion and make it independent, for people and businesses.

Retail technology-driven growth for businesses:

By using FinTech integration and Digital solutions, you as a business owner should expect a more convenient Know Your Customer (KYC) scheme and real-time verification process.

Your business can additionally:

Attract more customers:

By implementing FinTech technologies, like AI, NextGen, and cloud processors. You can learn a lot about your customers’ behavior and incorporate it into your CRM tools. As each clients’ action can be used to enhance your overall customer experience.

Increase in-store traffic:

By providing a wide range of financial services, you can enhance your customers’ experience and retention rate, and leverage the information gathered, to boost your client satisfaction and therefore create additional revenue opportunities and in-store traffic.

Diversify consumers’ basket:

Alongside the detergent and dairy shelves in your store, adding a “FinTech shelf” packed with financial services to your assortment will help improve customer loyalty. The following study suggests that increasing customer retention and loyalty can boost your sales, simply because your loyal customers trust your brand and are willing to spend more. According to the research, increasing retention through customer loyalty by only 5% can boost sales by 25% to 95%.

FinTech driven growth for people:

Accessibility & inclusiveness:

Our solution is inclusive by, on one hand, making financial services accessible for marginalized and unbanked communities who have no access to banking services, and on the other hand, providing people with freedom of choice to pick which payment method they are most comfortable with, being its digital payments, cash transactions or crypto.

Smart city ecosystem:

Integrating Smart ATMs in the backend provides economies with an interface and infrastructure to help access social services which makes Smart ATMs a gateway to the Smart city ecosystem for customer interaction.

Convenience & saving:

Having the freedom of choice regarding which payment method to choose. Additionally, having cash at their disposal within their stores’ premises comes with many conveniences. This means customers now can save through multiple innovative products such as loyalty programs and e-wallets.

FinTech and Retail tech startups have been paving the way towards prosperity-driven growth and financial inclusion, using Cloud and NextGen technologies to, on one hand, help marginalized communities access financial solutions, and on the other hand, help governments increase their economic contribution and tackle poverty. One of these innovative companies is GlobalCloudPayments.

GlobalCloudPayments is a FinTech company that is working on reinventing the old-fashioned ATM deployers and transforming them to Smart ATMs backed with Cloud and NextGen technologies which provide a wide range of Smart financial services to retailers on one hand, and making financial services inclusive to unbanked marginalized populations.

By aiming FinTech towards the bottom of the consumers’ pyramid, financial solutions are now more accessible even for millions of unbanked, marginalized communities in emerging markets.

Top 5 FinTech startups in the EU | Blue Tulip Awards 2021

In the past few years, a surge of FinTech startups appeared in the European scene thanks to various drivers. Online banking, open banking, and the expanding demand for more inclusive, innovative financial solutions for both companies and individuals. This has pushed many innovators to race into finding more sustainable, and user-friendly financial solutions to promote financial prosperity and inclusion.

What is financial prosperity and why is it important?

Financial prosperity is very important as money is the center of all financial planning. So anything that could be done to simplify finances for customers and businesses would be of great importance. That is why the theme of the financial prosperity category within the Blue Tulip Awards, focuses not only on simplifying finances but also on what these companies and innovations could do to society at large. It aims at trying to boost the shift from prosperity being about shareholder value, to focusing on consumers and serving a purpose that goes beyond thinking of the bottom-line profit maximization.

Especially after Covid 19 pandemic has exposed how vulnerable, yet interconnected we are as human beings. So when looking at the operating space of humanity, two big challenges appear inequality and climate crisis. By knowing so, we need to accelerate helping new entrepreneurs in the FinTech and investment banking space, to bring new ideas and business models to help allocate capital. With that role comes big responsibility, that is having the capital to flow to companies with the biggest impact in society.


Top 5 FinTech Startups in the EU nominated by the Blue Tulip Awards


GlobalCloudPayment with its mission to boost retail sales and help the EU achieve financial stability.

GlobalCloudPayments believes that the ATM industry in its core is drastically outdated and that ATMs should be more than just a distribution point of cash. Hence, they are meant to get smarter.

Knowing that cash is still the core payment method in the whole world including the European Union. the European Central Bank (ECB) follows a key strategy to fulfill their quotas of cash circulation within merchants and citizens. Which in case not fulfilled, can risk the financial stability and economy of the union. So, what GlobalCloudPayments does is reinvent the ATM industry for businesses, people, and supporting regulatory and governmental ambition. All by connecting traditional payment methods with the latest financial technologies. It does so by providing businesses with increased revenue and in-store traffic, unbanked populations with access to added-value services on the go, and governments to reach their circulation of monetary funds within merchants and society. With the purpose of ensuring economical and financial stability.

How are they making ATMs smarter?

By integrating Cloud and NextGen technologies to create a PaaS (Product as a Service) set of solutions to disrupt the old-fashioned ATM industry and positively impact retailers, Banks, and ATM deployers through increased efficiency and a better time to market. and its intelligent global financial transaction infrastructure

aims to empower billions of people to transact instantly, with currency fluidity, from anywhere on Earth, at any time. Financial services have changed dramatically over the 50 years since SWIFT was built and the job to be done now goes far beyond the settlement, clearing, and reconciliation messaging. Today’s infrastructure must include low-cost instant global settlements, solutions to serve the unbanked, support for e-commerce, micro-payments, IoT payments, real-time KYC/AML, and global multi-currency Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) transactions.


Sentinels to empower compliance officers and support financial institutions

Manually performing AML operations and transaction monitoring are no longer sufficient or secure. It increases growth, decreases operational costs, and ensures customer satisfaction. It challenges the status quo by replacing too-lean and too-rigid business rules with machine learning (ML) models and an investigator-centric approach. Sentinels converts your current compliance efforts into data-driven confident decisions resulting in faster and more efficient case management and risk assessment.


Voyc’s speech analytics AI software to help improve operational efficiencies

Voyc enables companies to check 100% of contact center interactions with speech analytics AI software, helping to improve operational efficiencies, catch complaints, identify vulnerable customers, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Lumio as an Intelligent financial mentor

Using tailor-made technology to grow customers’ money around their lifestyle, in minutes. Lumio empowers customers to connect their accounts in one place, de-clutter the marketplace, and begin growing their money in a meaningful manner. they work across all possible avenues of personal finance. Guiding current savings and investment accounts to settle on the perfect balance for their customers.


How to measure the success and traction of FinTech startups in the EU?

Pavee, the CEO of GlobalCloudPayments, believes that evolutionary innovation, viable business model, scalability, product-market fit, and motivated team focused on results are key ingredients for a FinTech startup to be recognized and successful. Pavee added that success manifests in the efforts his company makes to make ATMs smarter by providing innovative IT integration that increases operational costs and tries to support cash circulation within economies while ensuring that their solution is bringing value to people, businesses, and stakeholders.  The key here is connecting traditional payment methods with FinTech’s latest technologies to provide these three pillars with the best service they can have in 2021.

How to start an ATM Machine business with “Bank-in-Shop”?

Every business owner is looking for strategic ways to boost their sales and increase their revenue. This is when ideas with a minimum ownership cost become a preference when thinking of investing. The most common options are properties or spare space for rent, delivery services, or certain franchises. However, thanks to the Next Gen technologies, one of the most profitable streams of passive income that hasn’t yet reached its fame is Smart ATMs. Besides being more innovative, it is an easy way to achieve excellent results with an acceptable risk profile. In this blog, we will talk about how complex is to operate Smart ATMs? How to make money with a Smart ATM and the added value benefits of a Smart ATM for your customers.

But first, what is a Smart ATM?

ATMs have been there for decades and used daily by most adults at least once in their lives. Others use it frequently even daily to access a preferred way of making payments. Now imagine that you are a supermarket chain, consumer electronics store, shopping mall, or coffee shop with hundreds or thousands of customers daily. What if besides buying a pack of muesli; a laptop with a pair of headphones; or simply grabbing a favorite coffee-to-go, your customers start to receive a whole spectrum of financial services. Simply in-store, on their favorite shopping route, closer to local communities. This is when a Smart ATM or as we call It “Bank-in-Shop” ™ powered by GlobalCloudPayments comes into play.

How profitable is a Smart ATM machine business?

Having a Smart ATM right beside that Ice cream stall in your mall or supermarket will enable you to make money off each withdrawal made, that is several thousand euros that you could be making per month as a passive income stream. In addition to that, you will gain more by displaying ads, placing marketing screens on your Smart ATMs. You can also brand your entire Smart ATM fleet as your own brand or brand it for one of your current partners.

What are the benefits of converting your stores to “Bank-in-Shop” ™ outlets?

Placing a Smart ATM at your location will bring you several benefits, to mention a few:

More in-store traffic, hence higher revenues

Having a Smart ATM at your establishment will attract more customers who are willing to spend more when having access to cash, which will help you get more traffic and increase your revenue and sales. Studies have shown that having a regular ATM at your business can increase your traffic by up to 15% while having a direct positive influence on your sell-out.

Author’s remark:

There is no data available on Smart ATMs just yet, though we will make sure to post a case study as soon as we can. (A gut feeling is that Smart ATM numbers will be significantly higher due to disproportional added value to consumers).

Diversify customer basket

To diversify & mitigate retail business risks especially during the times we live in having more than one stream of income is vital. Relying on a single source of clients is not a long-term growth strategy, that is why thinking out of the box might help to create a solid business that generates several revenue streams.

Reduce credit card processing fee

To accept a credit card payment, you would have to pay about 1.3% to 3.5%, plus the payment processor’s cut in addition to the interchange fees and assessment fees, which can be costly for business owners and merchants. Studies have shown that having a regular ATM at your location will encourage clients to withdraw and pay with cash, while customers can fulfill their daily financial needs. With Smart ATM you will be able to get yourself travel insurance, top-up your gaming wallet, convert crypto to EUR, and of course deposit & withdraw some cash too.


Providing your customers with the option of having cash at their disposal within your stores’ premises comes with many conveniences. Allowing your customers to choose in which way they would like to pay their bills will be rewarded with your customers’ loyalty, word of mouth for a cutting-edge financial technology hub, that replaces banking branches.

How to set up a “Bank-in-Shop” ™ or Smart ATM machine?

If you are a business owner looking for ways to increase your revenue and attract more traffic then Smart ATM business is the right fit for you.  Before jumping into any business endeavor you surely might want to consider some pros & cons:

The expenses associated with purchasing an ATM machine and operating it

While this type of venture does not require office space or staff, there are still few expenses to consider. The total investment associated with opening an ATM business can vary depending on 1. The Smart ATM machine you are willing to invest in and may range from 5,000€ to 20,000€ depending on your needs 2. The service & maintenance provider you are dealing with 3. Transaction processing software partner of your choice GlobalCloudPayments as an option. In case you operate a merchant-filled Smart ATM you don’t need to have a Cash-in-Transit (CIT) provider who will replace cassettes in your ATM.

Installation of the Smart ATM machine

You need an electric socket, a bit of space, an internet connection and you are good to go. The installation itself comes as a part of the service. Setting up a connection with a processing server will take an hour top. Your ATM business is well- set & up & running already.

Accelerate retail growth with a Smart ATM machine powered by FinTech

Plant Smart ATM machines in various locations in different stores to grow your client base, increase your retail sales, and boost your transactional revenue. Be strategic and calculate the low, realistic, optimistic earnings outcomes for your business.  Measure the effectiveness of Smart ATM-powered locations. If needed swap locations and track the effectiveness.

Few more notes to consider before starting a Smart ATM machine business:

  • Make a thorough research to find the right service provider that offers a wide range of financial services and smart solutions.
  • Make sure your ATM provider considered EMV certification and successfully passed it for your ATM network.
  • Be attentive to local regulations and requirements by National Banks. In the EU the regulation is quite straightforward, with no license required. Anyway, it’s always better to be on the safe side and consult with a knowledgeable party.

Which Smart ATM machine is right for my business and why GlobalCloudPayments?

With all the technological advancements, customers are more inclined to finding innovative solutions that will make their shopping experience easier. That is why upgrading and reshaping how people perceive ATM is our mission.  That is what GlobalCloudPayments, a Dutch-based FinTech company has been working on for the past years. GlobalCloudPayments is focused on providing consumers with a wide range of cutting-edge financial services by utilizing cloud & NextGen technology in its proprietary software to revamp & empower a traditional ATM business model. This becomes possible thanks to the latest technology, higher margins to Smart ATM owners while keeping all-time low operational costs.

For more info about GlobalCloudPayments visit: 

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